Finest Escort Agency


The service we provide is of an exceptional quality and our fees, which are higher than most, are a reflection of this excellence. Our members enjoy exclusive access to a genuine collection of the finest VIP companions you are ever likely to meet.





IIf nothing exceptional hasn’t been previously agreed, we would apply our standard service fees for our escort girls as below. We would like to request you to please make an inquiry for any other booking schedules. Our Escort girls do not work with a Stopwatch in their hands. They will be great companies and if they have a nice time they will enjoy it for real. Sometimes even staying on with you a little bit longer without extra charges. If the beginning of a date is delayed, for instance, 15 minutes, this does not affect the entire agreed booking duration. Delays should be within a reasonable time range; our models also do not feel comfortable if they need to wait for the client for 1 ½ hours.




Payment Procedure

After meeting your chosen escort in your hotel, you can pay directly to her. We recommend your paying at the beginning of the date. This way, the money deal will be over and you can be completely relaxed and secure that nothing else will be charged. Remember: we do not charge taxi fees and tips are optional. We accept cash only. All main currencies are accepted.


Booking Queries

The following information would be required from you to enable us process your booking queries on our Escort models in a better way: date and estimated time, hotel, girl’s name and also anticipated booking duration.

After receiving your booking query, we would get in touch with the respective Escort Model and determine whether your booking can be confirmed. You would then receive a corresponding communication from us either by email, sms or phone, as per your wish. We don't charge booking fees, so please, help us provide you a better service and book your girl with some time in advance.

Confidentiality And Discretion

we know all the models personally and hence could provide you corresponding information on preferences and specialities of each model individually. This can be best provided over the phone. So, just call us and inquire. Discretion is of our foremost priority. And thus we would call you back on your cellphone whenever and only if desired. All the booking queries will be treated with total confidentiality and discretion. Our ladies work chiefly as Photo Models and have a respective appointment calendar. Hence, it is also advisable and recommended to have the booking well in advance, so that we can make the best arrangements and this would even enhance the selection spectrum of the bookable models. Immediate bookings are obviously possible; however best over telephone. We can definitely provide you better solutions in almost all the cases. We do not work with professional ladies. All our models are either students or live an average life.

Cancellation Of Your Booking

Naturally, it might happen that you need to cancel the booking with a very short notice. For such instances, we have set our rules as follows: we would not charge anything for such cancellations. We do not want to add to your frustration of a spoiled evening by making you pay anything extra for the services, which are not even rendered. Just let us know your agenda and we can re-schedule your date to a better time. Maybe in the early morning or during the day, between your business meetings to relax, or at night, maybe meeting you for a dinner or a drink and staying all night long.